S2S: Interim Project

The purpose of my Quest interim program for six months (January to June 2018) targeted unemployed youths to give training basically on self employment along with Quest inputs relevant for self- employment generation. The target was number to mobilize 90 youth for training and self employment during the six months interim period and 63 students will find job or self employment opportunities. Pro Rural has successfully completed the interim project with 75 percent placement to the trainees. The students who enrolled for S2S interim project had the privilege to go through soft skills training such as,

  • Understanding self: Context, interest and abilities
  • Personality development: Self-confidence, risk taking and problem solving
  • Understanding Self-employment and its prospect and challenges.
  • Foundational skills for entrepreneurship: Accounting, financial management and communication skills
  • Market Scan and Business Plan.

Also the technical skills for self-employment such as,

  • Baking Cakes, Doughnuts, Cookies and Candies etc.
  • Soup and detergent making
  • Waste Paper recycling for decorative pieces

Besides the Pro Rural training staff, some experts from other organization were also hired for technical skills. Mr. RenphamoEzung, the winner of Naga Chef Season-4, 2016 was the Trainer for the 1st Batch Practical training at Skill Alli Training Center Chumukedima. And  Ms. H. HiviShikhu, owner of The Bakesmith Bakery  was the trainer for the 2nd batch technical training, miss Elizabeth, Grace Provision Enterprises, and Heshu Henry, Founding Director of Community Development foundation was guest facilitator for Foundational skills for entrepreneurship: Accounting, financial management and communication skills

In the current interim project, Pro Rural has trained 100 students in four batches for self-employment, and small scale enterprises. Out of the 100 students, 65 trainees are into self employment and retailing, supplying their products to families and friends who are running shops, door to door selling, supplying to relatives, friends, neighbors etc. Eight trainees who are already employed but want to enhance their family income through My Quest program are also baking, making decorative pieces with waste papers and preparing dish wash, Soaps and detergents etc. during their free time and selling their products by selling their products to friends, relatives and neighbors.  25 Trainees are continuing their studies in various fields and 2 are looking for suitable job opportunities.









Training and Impact Summary:

a Summary Placement
b Total number target: 90
c Total number trained 100
d Total number employed in other sector 08
e Total self-employed / small time retailing: 65
f Continuing studies/students: 25
g Looking for placement opportunities 02
Total: 100