Situation Vacant : Asst. Director

Require Assistant Director* (1)

With Pro Rural you are on the go.
You are a People Person. You connect, you facilitate, and you are energetic and exuding confidence.
You are a team player, a team mate and a team leader with 4 years or more work experience.
You are creative, innovative, and a visionary with a sense of Responsibility for society, for peace and for the environment.
You are a learner, you love fun, create humour, and get the team achieve targets and goals.

Hey, Hello, please send us your CV. Lets create a wonderful, youthful energy in our society. Come we have works to do.

PRO RURAL was formed in 2004, consequent to the North East India Youth Summit on Ecology held near the Rangapahar Wild Life Sanctuary, Dimapur; and the launch of the Youth Employment Summit (Global) Campaigns. The slogan as well as the theme was Empowerment, Employment, Environment. The organization has evolved and focuses on Livelihood, Peace Building and Environment sustainability.

(a) Empowerment of the reference groups or communities through capacity building that enables them to become critical of their own situation and participate in the processes of their own development. Participation in all the process of Planning, Implementation and evaluation is key to the empowerment process.

(b) Employment or livelihood security through skilling them. Our approach has been to make the reference groups capable of translating their learnt skills to build sustainable livelihood. Major attention is given to Unemployed Youth, and women and tribal families to help build secure livelihood.

(c) Environment sustainability is given a strong focus and environment safeguard is mainstreamed in all Pro Rurals approaches and Activities. The organisation provides leadership in innovating different approaches to conserve and protect the environment. It was been leading in the promotion of best practices of solid waste management and also in the conservation of community forests.

(d) Peace Building is promoted through a network of individual activists, peace movements, Institutions and departments that believes in peace as the only way to make progress and development when communities preserve peaceful co-existence. Pro Rural conducts training for Local Capacity for Peace and targets community leaders, academicians, religious leaders and youth.

As the Assistant Director, you will:

*Be incharge of the day-to-day affairs of the organisation in absence of the Director (presently vacant) and report to the Secretary and Chief Functionary (CF) of the organisation.

*Coordinate, manage and supervise the staff team and deal with all matters of office operations.

*Keep track of all projects and programmes of the organisation and report to CF regularly.

*Ensure project management and different timelines of each of the programmes and activities.

*Develop linkages with resource agencies and plan for furthering the goals of the organization.

*Budgetary planning, control and get approval of CF for all programmes.

*In all matters consult and work closely with the CF

We are looking for a person with,

:A Post Graduate degree, Preferably MSW with a minimum of 4 years of experience.

:A positive and cheerful person with Leadership capacity who can lead from the front.

:Facilitation skills for staff as well as for varied audience.

:Fluent in communicating in English, Nagamese and Hindi.
Knowledge of any Naga tribal dialect will be an added advantage.

:Flexible and willingness to work on weekends.

:Women candidates with adequate experience are encouraged to apply.

* Appointment will be on contract basis for a period of 2 years initially.

Please send your CV with a passport photo on or before 10th August 2017 to, the Secretary, Pro Rural, at , or by post/hand-deliver to: Pro Rural, O.K. Complex, 2nd Floor, Near City Tower, Dimapur 797112. Nagaland.

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Workshop on “Youth Entrepreneurship Development” An initiative of Pro Rural-PCNI in collaboration with Mao students Union.

Mao Programme

A one day workshop on “Youth Entrepreneurship Development” An initiative of Pro Rural-PCNI in collaboration with Mao students Union was conducted at Kalinamai Village Community Hall, Mao on 9th May 2017.

PCNI coordinator Adehe Neli shared the perspective of the workshop.

Director of Youth Net Mr. Lezo Putsure stretched on the opportunities of entrepreneurship and availability of resources and also identifying the right people.

North Eastern Group proprietor S Kajichew shared his story of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Managing Director of Modern College, Kohima Palee Hekha stated on the need of skilled based education system n the society to curb the problems of unemployment.

Managing Director of Community Development Foundation Hensu Henry highlighted the need of building foundation skills for entrepreneurship and imparted ideas on pragmatic approach to become a successful entrepreneur.

Chief Manager of SBI Regional Business office Besii Bosco provided materials and imparted training on “Entrepreneurship financial Literacy”.

Youth from college and various villages attended the workshop.


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YEDI Training Programmes in collaboration with Quest Alliance

On 17th March 2017, The Pro Rural organized a training programme on waste paper recycling at Grace Colony kuda Mill. Ms. Chuthuzhuni chache & Ms. Kikrupanuo from Pro Rural taught the trainees on how to make decorative pieces, bowls and other useful materials with waste paper at home in a simple and cost effective manner which can be practiced by anyone. They also displayed some of their products which infused more interest among the trainees.

Waste Paper at Kuda Mill

Waste paper Recycling Training at Kuda Mill

On 22nd March 2017, Pro Rural organized Mushroom cultivation Training at School of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development (SASRD), Department of Plant Pathology Nagaland University, Medziphema Campus. Ms. Narola Pongener Asstt.Professor was the resource person for the training programmes.

Mushroom Training Group Photo

           Mushroom Training at SASRD

On 8th April 2017, Pro Rural organised Piggery training in Naga United village which focus on Piggery management. The programme was facilitated by Dr.Ebibeni Ngullie from ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research). In the first session she talked about the advantages of Pig Rearing, Purpose of Pig Farming, Breed suitable for North East, Site Selection for pig sty, Type of house, Gilt selection and Breeding management. In the second session, was talked about Disease Management, Vaccination and Feeding Management.

Piggery Training at Naga United

             Piggery Training at Naga United

Again on 20th April 2017, Pro Rural conducted Soap and detergent training at 7th mile. The resource persons are Chasiirou and Regina who are housewives. They taught the trainees on how to make Soap at home with oil, Aloe vera, neem leaves etc. They also taught the trainees how to prepare dish wash, detergents and hand wash with some ready made materials which are easily available in the market. With this, any family can use their own home made products which has less chemicals and also reduce their expenditures.

Soap & Detergents

        Soap and Detergent Training at 7th Mile

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4th Orientation Programme at Grace Academy, Kuda Mill Lingrijan

4th Orientation programme on Youth Entrepreneurship Development Initiatives of Pro Rural in collaboration with Quest Alliance and Accenture was held at Grace Academy, Kuda Mill  Lingrijan, Dimapur on 10th February at 3:00 P.M. Pastor Grace welcome the Pro Rural team and gave a brief exhortation. Welcome address  from Pro Rural team and a brief power point presentation on various activities of Pro Rural in the past and the current project was given by Mr. Kapani Athilu Khrasi. Mr. Adahe Neli shared the perspectives of the current projects and the kind of Initiatives Pro Rural has taken to build an entrepreneurial environment among the Naga youths, the prospects and the challenges. The programme was attended by around twenty youths, both boys and girls living in and around Kuda Mill  Lingrijan. The programme was followed by refreshment and interaction with the participants and Pro Rural Team.

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Waste Paper Recycling training conducted on 20th January 2017

As a continuation programme of Youth Entrepreneurship Development Initiative(YEDI) of Pro Rural in partnership with Quest Alliance and Accenture, Waste Paper Recycling training was conducted for the unemployed Youths in Dimapur on 20th January 2017 at KUDA Mao Colony, Dimapur. The resource person and the trainer, Ms. Sonia Suzan, also a Lecturer of Emmanuel College, Dimapur trained the youths on how to recycle waste papers like newspapers, used note-books and other waste papers and convert them into Beautiful Flower Vase, Decorative Pieces, Pen & Pencil Holders etc. The trainees were also shown a varieties of hand made articles and products made by her with waste papers with the help of glues, colors and paints. This is a simple process and a business opportunity which requires no capital or investment. Any person who has the zeal, a bit of patience added with some innovative ideas can practice it anywhere, anytime and earn a decent amount with this innovative and simple methods.

Below: Some products made out of Waste papers.

Waste paper Recycling

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Workshop on Vision Building with Quest Alliance

Workshop on Vision Building with Quest Alliance partners of the NE region was held at Naithu Resort on the 12th & 13th January with Quest Alliance team headed by its Executive Director, Mr. Aakash Sethi along with Mr. Augustine Ngatuba, the North East region incharge and Mr. Mehul Kanodia from Delhi office  in which some of the following points and issues were discussed: –

:Identifying Youth Employbility

: challenges and opportunities,

:Establishing Dream Tree

:Stake holder analysis

:Canopy Statements and Tools

:Building Strategies of intervention and plan of action for the next 4 years in the region

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Pro Rural_Quest Alliance Skills Training:

As part of the Pro Rural_Quest Alliance project activities, Pro Rural, has conducted the following skills training on different dates:
1. Morah Making (Bamboo Stool)
2. Poultry & Piggery Farming
3. Chips & Baking

We will be continuing to carry out mobilization and enrollment of candidates and conduct orientation and skills training on specific trades for the targeted population in the coming days/months.

We have also created a whatsapp group for all the enrolled candidates and regularly share updates and information on the development of the project.

Follow ups of the training and organizing filed visits for those who had been trained in the specific trades will be done in the following months

.Morah Making poultry chips cake-making

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‘ZEROing our Wastes’ seminar in Kohima

Pro Rural Team attended ‘ZEROing our Wastes’, a workshop organized by Youth Action for Rural Development (YARD) and supported by Department of Tourism on November 21 at LCS Conference Hall, Kohima.

Introduction of the workshop was delivered by Ella Mary, YARD and the resource persons were Zero Waste coordinator (SD), Gangtok, Sikkim, Khushboo Sharma; Gyatsola Bhutia and Yangchen Bhutia volunteers of Zero Waste Himalaya.

MC Superintendent, Zakiekhotuo Kiso gave a power point presentation on some of the waste management works undertaken by KMC such as re-cycling unit at Lerie landfill, water re-furbishing at Jotsoma water reservoir, septage management plan at Dzuruzou, AMRUT, a national flagship programme.


Nagaland Post Link

Morung Express

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Pro Rural conducted the 2nd orientation program on “Youth Entrepreneurship Development Initiative in Dimapur” on 1st November 2016 at the Community Resource Centre, Prodigal’s Home (DIC).

The program was chaired by Miss Chuthuzhuni Chache and Mr. Ruokuobeituo Kire. Welcome address and introduction of Pro Rural was given by L Kamo. Ice breaking session was led by Chumben, Athili and Kikrupanuo. Exhortation was given by Jenpu Rongmei, Chief functionary CAN Youth.

In his exhortation speech, Jenpu stated that we are living in a world where there is a lot of hatred, negativity, jealousy and a place where we look down to others but in that world there are a lot of opportunities. It’s up to us whether we go for opportunities or we go for the hatred. When we talked about entrepreneur we are not talking about business tycoon, but it talks about helping yourself and helping others. Entrepreneur leads you to see yourself and work for your people as well.

He also shared about Abei Meru a famous entrepreneur, who not only helped herself but helped the famers in her home town. There are a lot of people who are engaged in many activities but we are looking for the one who is innovative. He shared his experienced back when he was in Chennai, about an auto driver. Everybody wanted to travel in his auto. “Why? Because he was a genuine person and he offered free rides to women and children on international women’s day and children’s day”. Jenpu taking the example of the auto driver said we are looking for that innovative entrepreneur. He gave another example of the butchers in Dimapur who chew tobacco, spit and litter the place on top of that they practice fraudulent measuring. He continued saying we should love our work, we should attract people to love our business .Entrepreneur can actively create a lot of things in our life. We are born with much strength but we are not utilizing them, we can’t even introduce our name because we don’t explore. We all have a meaning in someone’s life and that someone can do a lot of things. Today, Quest Alliance and Accenture have given an opportunity through the initiative of Pro Rural. How long will we complain “Unemployment” “Unemployment” this problem will not end we should make use of those opportunities. He said “ism” is one of the reasons that is pulling us back He end up sharing his story that his mother sells alcohol, his father was an alcoholic, his mother was a victim of domestic violence. But he did not give up because God was still with him. He concluded his speech wishing all the best to the candidates “Let’s Hope Together, Do Something Together and Work Together”.

Mr.Athilu Khrasi shared the need for the change of the mindset and positive attitude towards entrepreneur among the youths. He stated that God has created mankind in his own image and had chosen to be his co-creators /caretaker of his creation. That all mankind were born to be happy as God wants them to be. Youths have got immense potential to be God’s agents in caring His creation. He call open every youth to contribute as much as possible as they could towards the betterment of mankind and the world. He pointed out that the Youth entrepreneurship Development in Dimapur is a very important one. He further directed that through this initiative it aims at generating a bigger platform to be achieved. He quoted an example of a man who wishes to build a career of his choice and for which one like this initiative can be the foundation towards that goal. He encourages the participant to positively and seriously join the initiative which can help them and also provide employment others.

The session ended with a positive note from all the participants that they all will take up the initiative with great commitment and interest. Adahe Neli shared the vote of thanks and benediction, followed by lunch for all the participants.


Pro Rural launched ‘Youth Entrepreneurship Development Initiative’ in collaboration with Quest Alliance and Accenture

Paper Clipping

Chumukedima, October 5 (MExN): One day orientation programme on ‘Youth Entrepreneurship Development Initiative’ for youths in and around Chumukedima was conducted on September 30 at CPO Hall by Pro Rural in collaboration with Quest Alliance and Accenture.

According to a press release, Thungbemo Patton, EAC, Chumukedima, who was the special guest of the programme, pointing out that nothing can substitute hard work stated, “If you want to achieve something in life you need to set the dream clear and keep the hope alive and always be motivated by your dream.” He added, “Sincere prayer and dedication towards achieving your dream is must.”


Neibuno Khro, Advisor, Mothers’ Association, Chumukedima, also exhorted the participants and reminded that youth aspiring to be entrepreneurs cannot compromise on vision, sincerity and hard work.

Resource person Lezo Putsure, Director, YouthNet, mentioned that any business in the initial stages go through struggles. Stating that problems can be good opportunities for business, he maintained that the important thing in business is service. He shared his testimony of how he used to be a newspaper boy while a student in Bangalore, and how he had to stand in queue to get the cheapest food in UK.

While highlighting the Project, Adahe Neli said that Dimapur, being the only commercial city for Nagas, each year hundreds and thousands of young people are continuously migrating to explore economic and job opportunities. “However, the irony is that the available economic and job opportunities cannot absorb the rate of migration resulting to chaos, rapid rise of petty crimes and other illicit activities,” he stated. Citing a survey conducted by Pro Rural-Peace Coalition Northeast India on youth related issues in Dimapur, he observed, “Many of the youth violence in Dimapur are centred on economic opportunities.”

Acknowledging the difficulties faced by the young people on unemployment and livelihood scenario in the state, a panel discussion was organized last year at DABA on the theme ‘Fostering Economic Opportunities for Building Peaceful Society through promoting Dignity of Labor and Entrepreneurial skills.’ The findings of survey and recommendation of the panel discussion has led to the “Youth Entrepreneurship Development Initiative.”

Neli opined that the Naga traditional concept of dignity of labour needs to be re-inculcated amongst the younger generation. “Despite the glitter and glamour of wealth and technology, what actually is staring in the face of our society is uncertainties and gloom. The saddest and biggest threat in the Naga society may not be poverty per se but the loss of dignity of labour,” he maintained.

Delivering the welcome address, Athilu Khrasi introduced Pro Rural and its activities and highlighted the traits in the project. A series of orientation programme will be conducted in different localities which will be followed by training, Khrasi informed.

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