Your Little Contributions makes big difference.

You believe in Peace, and you want to support a grassroots movement for Peace and Harmony. Donate and become a part of the community working on Conflict Transformation in North East India and south Asia. You can also volunteer to work with us. Donate and support a Peace Intern or facilitate a Peace Dialogue Process. We shall share with you their details.


Help to Conserve the Sacred Groves. Forests considered as sacred and untouched for centuries are being threatened. These sacred groves are harbingers of the biodiversity, but encroachments are happening. We have identified a few such forests to be preserved. You can work with us and support for the good of our earth. For more information, contact us.


Support the “Waste Wise Managers”. A group of youth wants to see their cities cleaner. They train residents of different wards on Best Practices of Solid Waste Management and help the Municipal workers with Garbage collection and disposal. They do it on a business model, where they collect a nominal user charges from the families.

A Public Benefit Organization