Garbage to Gold with Dimapur Municipal Council

Pro Rural in collaboration with Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) launched the “Project Garbage to Gold” on 20th January 2018 at River Belt Colony. The objective of the project is to convert Bio-degradable household level waste into manure. According to DMC liaison officer, Ganesh Kumar, River Belt Colony was given the first opportunity for emerging as the winner of the cleanest Colony under DMC in 2017 and that the remaining colonies under DMC would also be covered with 30 beneficiaries each in a phased manner. On the day the project was launched, 50 beneficiaries from River Belt Colony were provided training on how to compost bio-degradable kitchen waste and turn them into manure that can be used for manuring the garden, flowers or use to clean the drainages and sinks. After the training, all the 50 beneficiaries were given a set each of Compost kit: A bucket with tap, a packet of G2G powder and a stopper/masher for composting the bio-degradable Kitchen waste. Dimapur Municipal Council provided all the financial support for the implementation of the project and Pro Rural imparted the technical training, follow-up activities and the reporting.





Till date a total number of 13 Colonies has been covered with 410 Beneficiaries namely:

  • River Belt Colony (50)
  • Kevijau Colony (30)
  • Lingrijan Colony (30)
  • Island Colony (30)
  • Niu Colony (30)
  • Old Flyover Colony (30)
  • Sematila Colony (30)
  • Lake View Colony (30)
  • Viola Colony(30)
  • Chakesang Colony(30)
  • Middle point Colony(30)
  • Kyong Colony(30)
  • Oriental Colony(30)