Livelihood Development

Our principal objective is to make rural villages into robust republics that can manage their issues, demand their rights and participate in the Socio-Economic Development and political process, and rebuild their livelihoods through enhancing their capacities. We believe True empowerment will also lead to people’s initiative in sustainable Peace and ecological development and conservation.
The facilitation is done through a participation process that generates awareness, assessment of needs and a participatory planning. The outcome is indicated through the emergence of leaders and popular participation. Community ownership of the development process is both an end and a means to achieving the development goals.
Pro Rural leads communities through and intense process of awareness training, skills development in agro-based activities, off-farm economic activities like market linkages, enterprise development and management etc. Identifying lead-crops and developing farms as well as markets for Rural Communities is an area where the Organization has been well-experienced. Small co-operatives and Self Help groups are formed to boost community productivity.

Pro-Rural is aligned to the Global “Youth Employment Summit” (YES) Campaign. It facilitates different training programmes to motivate youth to think outside the box and develop employable skills. Entrepreneurship training is one area that is emphasized so that the youth can start with what is already available in their localities. Regular trainings are conducted for youth on Enterprise development, business planning, and linkage to credit institutions. Constant handholding and mentoring is offered. Exposure and youth Exchange programmes are also incorporated which serve as internship to enhance their skills and knowledge.

A Public Benefit Organization