• Organized the North East Regional Youth Summit on Ecology in collaboration with the Chief Wild life Wardens of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh in 2004. Some of the outcomes were wild life protection groups, conservation groups and re-enforcement of traditional hunting laws, prevention of forest fires and animal rights groups.

• Hosting and Launching the Youth Employment Summit (YES) Campaign Networks in Nagaland (Dec 2004), Mizoram, (Feb 2005) Manipur (July 2005) and Arunachal Pradesh (Sept. 2006). A decade campaign to generate youth employment through multi-stake holder approach.

• Organized the Regional Thematic Workshop “Youth Participation in Agro-Enterprise: Issues and Prospects in September 2007. Some of the outcomes are emergence of farm entrepreneurs, establishment of 2 fruit processing centres, and factory for medicinal and aromatic plants.

• Organized the Regional Consultation on Youth and Employment in 2009. Review of the National Youth Policy and support to the formulation of state level youth policies is being done.

• Established Pro Rural Farm and Pro Rural Resource Centre 2008. An animal farm for demonstration and training has been established at Urra Village.

• Facilitated the Network of “Peace Coalition of Northeast India” PCNI, in 2010, in the understanding that Peace is the Sine-quo-non, to any progress and development of the communities. The outcome is the establishment of two state PCNI networks (Manipur and Nagaland) in the first one year

• On the environmental front Pro Rural is spearheading a community mobilization strategy for better Urban Solid Waste Management through mass education in the city of Dimapur. A business model is adopted for the youth of the city who are ready to collect and dispose of the waste and get their livelihood through a pay-for-service collection.

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