Peace Building

Peace Coalition of Northeast India (PCNI), a Unit of Pro Rural is a network of Organizations, Institutions, Departments and Individuals working for peace and communal harmony in Northeast India and the world. PCNI focuses on Capacity Building of Community leaders, peace workers, mediators and negotiators. PCNI members work for formation of Peace Task Force in vulnerable areas. The Peace Task Force prevents communities not to start or participate in conflict, while advocating “Peace Dialogues” to resolve any misunderstanding. They work with communities to agree not to be the first to start any conflict, and in situations where misunderstanding crops up, they intervene to dispel it through dialogue and interface meetings. In conflict situations the PCNI’s approach is “Peace Dialogues” leading to achieve a written covenant of Peace and Harmony.

Launch of Peace Coalition of Northeast India (PCNI):
Peace Coalition of Northeast India was launched in December 2010 during the four-day training on ‘Peace Skills and Conflict Transformation’, held at Dimapur and hosted by Pro-Rural. A team of trainers from Ploughshares Institute, Connecticut, USA and Civic Exchange- Hongkong facilitated the training. A group of 32 participants representing diverse groups and professions from across the NE region attended the training and the PCNI launching event. Among the participants were NGO functionaries, Governmental departmental officials, university faculty members, Church Leaders, Academic Institutions staff, and Individual Activists. PCNI dedicated its efforts to promote peace and communal harmony in the region.

PCNI Manipur Chapter:
On the 28th of January 2011, PCNI Manipur Chapter was launched at Senapati District Head Quarter. Mr. M S Jerome became the Chairperson of the PCNI Manipur unit. The Manipur Unit resolved to work on issues of communalism, regionalism and also focus on the Integration of the peoples living in Manipur. The members represented tribal and non tribal ethnic groups as well as different faith groups

PCNI Nagaland Chapter:
PCNI Nagaland chapter has networking partners including the Nagaland University, the department of Centre for Gandhian Studies and Research, the Clark Theological College, the NBCC, and a group of 8 NGOs at the starting.
Students of Centre for Gandhian Studies and Research Nagaland University had a one-day Orientation Programme at Ungma Village, Mokokchung on 11th February, 2011 as a follow-up activity after the launching of PCNI and their role as partner-members. The Team got to review the resolution and commitment taken during the training on ‘Peace Skills and Conflict Transformation’. They renewed their strength and vigor individually and as a team to work for peace.

Strategic Plan Development at CGSR, NU-Lumami:
A two-day Strategic Planning Workshop for PCNI was held at the Centre for Gandhian Studies and Research (CGSR) on 16th and 17th March 2011 by Peace Coalition of Northeast India (PCNI) in Collaboration with Centre for Gandhian Studies and Research, NU-Lumami. The planning exercise was done in view of the future involvement of PCNI in Regional and global issues. It re-affirmed the need to strengthen Peace and harmo

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