Pro Rural has been working on environmental issues since its inception in 2004 and hosted the Northeast Regional Youth Summit on Ecology in collaboration with CEE Northeast, Catholic Relief Service, IGSSS and Prodigals’ Home. Right from the start, the organization has been focusing on climate change issues and ecological conservation. Staff of Pro Rural also facilitated the publication of a guide booklet on Natural Resource Management in Collaboration with Nagaland Gandhi Ashram in 2007. It has experience in co-facilitating the Eastern Nagaland Conservation Areas Network (ENCAN). The staffs of Pro Rural were involved in the “Green 1000 hectares” of degraded land in Manipur in partnership with MIDA; which was supported by the UK based International Tree Foundation. Formation of Eco-clubs in 12 villages in Senapati District of Manipur was facilitated by the staff and team of Pro Rural in 2010-11. Identification of forest areas for conservation and brief profiling activities were done by Pro Rural in some Districts of Manipur and Nagaland.

It has organized the North East Regional Youth Summit on Ecology in collaboration with the Chief Wild life Wardens of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh in 2004. Some of the outcomes were wild life protection groups, conservation groups and re-enforcement of traditional hunting laws, prevention of forest fires and animal rights groups.
It also has organized the Regional Thematic Workshop “Youth Participation in Agro-Enterprise: Issues and Prospects in September 2007. Some of the outcomes are emergence of farm entrepreneurs, establishment of 2 fruit processing centers, and factory for medicinal and aromatic plants.

Pro Rural has also facilitated the formation of Eco-clubs for Forest Conservation Activities: Formation and Training of 30 Eco-clubs in Manipur and 4 Eco Clubs in Nagaland states from 2010-11.

The Organization also co-organized the National Environmental Awareness Campaign 2012-13 at Chungtor Village, P.O Longkhim, Tuensang District, Nagaland in partnership with Nagaland Pollution Control Board and Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India.

It conducted National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC): Training on Kitchen Waste Management towards building a healthy environment for mothers/house wives Kuda village, Dimapur in 2013-14. Pro Rural has been actively participating on environment sustainability and climate change issues in the light of its vision and mission.

Solid Waste Management in Dimapur City under UN Habitat- India Youth Fund-2013 and Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation (NSF) Mumbai.

With an AIM to ensuring a clean and healthy environment for the citizens, Pro Rural has initiated some good practices on Solid Waste Management in Dimapur City.

The most important step being generating the cooperation and a sense of CIVIC responsibility amongst each and every citizen of the City. Pro Rural Team has trained 50 Ypuths from 8 different localities in Dimapur City to become WASTE WISE MANAGERS (WWM)-Supply Colony and RBC Lower Khel were Awarded as the best performing localities in 2014.

The Team also mobilized empty Emulsion Bitumen Barrels from PROJECT SEWAK Dimapur and distributed as Community Waste Bins in the targeted localities and also to Manipuri Bosti Youth Club (MBYC) during the Youth Club Tournament in 2014.