Pro rural in Partnership with SBI Foundation

Project Title: Waste to Gold

“Building Capacity of vulnerable youth and promoting best practices of Solid Waste Management through community participation and creating livelihood in Dimapur, Nagaland”


  1. Address unemployment among vulnerable youth
  2. Contribute to better waste management through deploying trained youth for collection and processing of Domestic Solid Waste and convert them to Manure.


  1. To train and deploy youths for better management of the city’s waste on a “Pay-For-Service” business model.
  2. To identify some needy and vulnerable boys and girls and train them to become efficient Waste Wise Managers
  3. To set up a bio-degradable waste processing and composting unit as a demonstration cum income generating activity. By 8th month to start earning some income.
  4. To achieve at least 50% reduction of the volume of waste dumps in the targeted areas within 6 months from the start date.
  5. To improve urban governance and management through this Public-Private Partnership initiative in which community participation is solicited and improved response of the community is achieved within 12 months.




  1. Identify/select needy youths and name them as Waste Wise Managers
  2. Train them how to manage and segregate Waste
  3. Provide Technical knowledge on how to produce G2G Granules
  4. Train them how to compost waste both at the family level and community level
  5. Residents to be trained by the WWM on how to segregate their waste at source.
  6. WWM to promote Waste to Gold concept and train families that wants to implement household level composting with live demonstration on how to use the G2G powder to compost the biodegradable wastes.
  7. Set up a Community level compost plant and compost bio-degradable waste to Manure/Black Gold
  8. Form SHG group and produce G2G powder, manure and market to make the project Self-Sustainable

 Supported by:  SBI Foundation