S2S Alumni Meet


One day planning and review meeting with Quest Alliance was held on 8th August 2018 at Pro Rural Office, Dimapur.  During the Meeting Pro Rural updated the learning, success and challenges from S2S project during the last two years.  The need to develop for a strong and relevant module was discussed in length and accordingly the curriculum for Self-employment training under S2S for the next two years was thoroughly deliberated and finalized. Self-Employment training for 3 months will include with a minimum of 60 working. Technical skills will cover 20 days  hours for specific trade related for employment/self-employment and 40 days for foundational skills.

The Alumni get together program was held on 25th August 2018 at Niathu Resort:

With 48 trainees and Imtisunep Longchar, Co-founder and Director of Ilandlo as the guest lecturer for the gathering was very enriching and moral boost event for those who are planning to start business also for those starting it. The main feature of the gathering was exchanging learning and experiences sharing from the trainees who started their own self-employment work in various areas. Kezevino Yano who is pursuing her Ph.D. shared her encounter with Pro Rural and her experience in baking.

Mrs. Hoisang Chongloi, a house wife also shared her experiences of how she supports her family by keeping mushrooms.

Imtisunep Longchar who was the guest speaker for the occasion challenged the gathering by sharing his experience of how he struggled as an educated unemployed, and what took him to the level where he is now. He said, “If you don’t want to go higher never start a business”. ‘Patience and creativity are two qualities without which any self-employment will not grow and thrive’ said Longchar. Some mile stones and upcoming activities were shared by Pro Rural.


The Initiative of Fostering Economic Opportunities for Building Peaceful Society through Promoting Dignity of Labour and Entrepreneurial skills started in 2015 at the backdrop of unemployment crisis that was leading to rapid petty crimes, violence, and social unrest in the state.  The people of Nagaland particularly the unemployed youth, and the effected parents are helplessly frustrated for not been able to break the stalemate and find career and future for their children.

The coming of Quest Alliance in Nagaland by supporting Pro Rural has helped open the eyes of hundreds of unemployed youths today. Youth leaders, social thinkers, and development activists, bureaucrats, civil societies, elders have participated at various skills to succeed programs and training’s and widely acknowledge the initiative for self-employment being a critical importance.

The support of the district administrations and Municipal council of Dimapur, Church, and other prominent public leaders, activist, entrepreneurs have been very encouraging and helpful towards achieving the objectives of the project.  Today on the whole the people of Dimapur are extending their co-operation in the implementation of the project.

Since July 2016 –August 2018, Pro Rural has conducted various programs starting from regularly visiting homes and organizes consultative meetings, orientations and training, hand holding, follow up works on various traits at various levels like locality level, sometimes cluster of localities. Altogether 299 have been trained and the impact is very visible.

  1. There is obvious noticeable attitudinal and behavioural change amongst the reached youth
  2. Reduced unemployment in a small way
  3. Reduced anti -social elements and petty crimes at homes, colonies and in the city
  4. Reduced wariness, restlessness in the family, because many of the trained youth have become asset from liability.
  5. The income of few families have become slightly better
  6. There is a popular demand of similar training from youth, parents, colonies, villages.

Seeing all the processes and demands there is great need to upscale the current project. Therefore, we have planned larger numbers of beneficiaries leading to a new level with a very comprehensive Self-employment curriculum for the students.