SBI Foundation’s Monitoring Visit: 13-16 May 208

Shri Stephen Arockia, from SBI Foundation, Mumbai visited PRO RURAL, Dimapur from 13th to 16th May 2018 and monitored the implementation of the Project Waste to Gold in 10 wards of the city. The unique Project on converting domestic wastes into compost manure is supported by SBI Foundation, Mumbai with the following objectives:

  1. Piloting on a waste treatment module to convert all biodegradable wastes into organic manure that are marketed by youth trained and deployed as waste managers.
  2. Pay-for-service, business model where selected youth pick up the household wastes from ward to ward and get paid on a monthly basis. A unique sustainable business model.
  3. Educate and make citizens aware on the need of better civic sense and better waste management.

The following is a brief highlight on the visit of Mr. Stephen of SBI Foundation to Pro Rural.

On 13th May, a brief meeting to finalize the visit plans took place so as to maximize the time available at hand.

Date: 14/05/2018

a) Field Visit to the waste collection process in the serviced wards was done at 6am. The waste collectors with the mini truck goes to the colonies by 4.30am and the jeep is loaded fully by 6.30 from the 10 wards of the two localities. The monitoring group went behind the waste collection truck at few pick-up locations.

In the morning around 6.00 AM, Stephen along with Pro Rural Team visited the project site and inspected the waste collection system.

b) Meeting with the Village Council:

After the monitoring visit to various wards on waste collection activities, Stephen and Pro Rural Team had a brief meeting with the Village Council Leaders. The village council Chairman and his colleagues welcomed the visitors with presentation of their traditional colorful muffler/sash.





c) Visit to Compost Plant

Next visit to the compost site: The trench composting pits were filled with the day’s collected wastes. The team visited the Mini Community Level Compost Plant set up by Pro Rural with support from SBIF. Practical activity on how the segregated Bio-degradable waste were composted and turned into manure which can be used for manuring in the Vegetable Garden, Flower Garden, and Farms etc. was also demonstrated during the visit to the Mini Compost Plant. The newly constructed shelter house from the project was also seen.







d) Meeting with Extra Assistant Commissioner (EAC), Chumukedima Block, Thejavizo Nakhro

Mr. Stephen along with Pro Rural Team had a meeting with the Administrator of Chumukedima Block, Govt of Nagaland, under Dimapur District at his office at Chumukedima and had a brief discussion on how best waste can be managed and how the Administration along with NGO’s can work together. The EAC shared how the administration is managing waste in their jurisdiction and also the challenges and the difficulties faced by them. Pro Rural has been meeting the EAC often and developing plans together on managing the solid waste within the jurisdiction of Chumukedima Block. Pro Rural team also shared a PPT presentation on Solid Waste management to the EAC and his staff in one of such meeting.

e) Meeting with the Administrator of Dimapur Municipal Council, Moa Sangtam:

Pro Rural Team along with Stephen from SBI Foundation had a meeting with the Administrator of Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) at the latter’s office at 2.30 PM. The CEO of DMC briefly shared his vision of making Dimapur cleaner. He shared that people’s participation and civil societies engagement is important to achieve cleaner Dimapur. He also pointed out how Pro Rural is contributing to reduce waste by encouraging kitchen waste composting.

Meeting with both the Officials of the District Administration have been positive as both the officers have been encouraging private players to help minimize waste in the city and also they were keen in finding ways to convert the waste into resource, which Pro Rural has initiated.

 Date: 15/05/2018: 2nd Day.

a) Visit to households who are taking part in Kitchen Waste Composting.

With production of the Bio-digester granules, Pro Rural started a kitchen waste composting for gardening. The initiative has been supported partly by Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC). DMC has provided the compost buckets to about 290 families and Pro Rural has provided the technical training to the families selected by the DMC. Pro Rural team along with Stephen visited few families that are successfully composting Kitchen Waste and using it for kitchen gardening on 15th May.

b) Check of Audit and Accounts:








  1. Pay-for-Service, as agreed is to be started from July 2018. Each family using the services of the pick up truck will start paying Pro Rural at Rs.30/ or Rs.50/ per month per family. The Village Council will give the final rate within June 2018 after their public meeting. The amount to be collected will sustain the servicing by the waste workers and the vehicle maintenance after the project.
  2. The Compost Products from the mini compost will be sold at Rs.20/- per kg. Already about 200 kgs are sold and momentum is achieved by this month. The proceeds will go to self-sustaining the project.
  3. A team in Pro Rural has perfected their skills in Producing the Bio-Digester organic granules which are sold at Rs.80/ per kilogram. The proceeds will go to self-sustaining the project.

Pro Rural team is propagating its unique waste management system and the team is called to give training at locality or institutional levels. A nominal institutional fee is collected for being resource team. Such proceeds will go to sustain the project.


Tour: a short tour of Dimapur was undertaken in the morning of 16th May 2018 to understand the city better. The visit to the weekly market at Super Market complex and a brief visit to the unique one of its kind stone park, culminated the visit.