Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

“That all Men may have Life in all its Fullness”

Our Mission:

To work for holistic human development through Capacity Building, Livelihood Development, Youth engagement and Employment, and Environment Conservation. More specifically;

  • To work with rural people and assist in their efforts at economic and socio-cultural development.
  • To contribute to development of human resources through establishing and conducting technical, vocational training and through running educational institutions.
  • To advocate the protection and better safeguards for the weakest sections like, women, children, youth and minorities.
  • To participate in peace building and conflict transformation through conducting training programmes and networking with peace movements.
  • To participate in the Youth Employment Campaign and engage youth in constructive and productive activities and increase their employment potentials through capacity building and through aligning with movements and organizations working on youth employment issues.
  • Provide leadership in building a better environment. Build alliances with progressive movements for restoring the ecological balance through regenerative activities, policy advocacy, and work on Climate Change Issues

A Public Benefit Organization